ISA 2000 Ltd. was found in 1990. The company' s main field was both the design and construction of office and residential developments. Between 1996 and 2001 ISA 2000 participated in both the construction of Metrodiameter I as well as three metro stations, part of Sofia metro.

Since the year 2000 it has been concentrating more intensively on the field of infrastructural and hydrotechnical engineering, it took part in the construction of a section of Maritza motorway. In 2001 ISA 2000 began the construction of a sewer pipeline of a high-speed road E79, Kresna – Gradeshnitza. In the year 2003 the company started with the reconstruction of a 18 km section from the same road, part of a trans-European corridor. In the period between 2004 and 2007 ISA 2000 constructed successfully approximately 40 km of motorways and high-speed roads (22 km of Maritza motorway and 18 km of E79 road). The company took part in the construction of Sofia airport as well. Since 2008 ISA 2000 has been constructing the sewerage water pipeline of village Starosel with a length of 35 km overall. Same year it handed over to its owners the ready construction of micro Hydro-electrical plant “Erma” at the bulgarian-serbian border, in the town of Trun.

Today, ISA 2000 is a leading construction company in Bulgaria. As such it offers tailor-made solutions in the field of infrastructure, real estates, processing of raw materials as well as the production of construction materials. Its field of work ranges from consulting, design and financing to turnkey-ready developments, maintenance and operation.

The company keeps a consistent focus on the individual needs of its clients. Thanks to its close cooperation with them in both the production and construction phases ISA 2000 Ltd. delivers individual and comprehensive solutions to its clients.

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